Tudor Lodge Title
Tudor Lodge Title

Time Machine:
a Vertigo Retrospective
Time Machine: a Vertigo Retrospective

CD One
CD Two
CD Three
  1. Colosseum: The Kettle
  2. Juicy Lucy: Who Do You Love?
  3. Clear Blue Sky: My Heaven
  4. Manfred Mann’s Chapter Three: Travelling Lady
  5. Black Sabbath: Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  6. Cressida: To Play Your Little Games
  7. Gracious!: Introduction
  8. Affinity: Three Sisters
  9. Bob Downes: Walking On
  10. May Blitz: I Don’t Know
  11. Nucleus: Torrid Zone
  12. Rod Stewart: Handbags And Gladrags
  13. Gentle Giant: Nothing At All
  14. Ben: The Influence
  1. Dr. Z: Evil Woman’s Manly Child
  2. Jade Warrior: Borne On The Solar Wind
  3. Patto: The Man
  4. Juicy Lucy: Thinking Of My Life
  5. Jimmy Campbell: Half Baked
  6. May Blitz: For Madmen Only
  7. Tudor Lodge: The Lady’s Changing Home
  8. Beggars Opera: Time Machine
  9. Colosseum: Bring Out Your Dead
  10. Warhorse: Mouthpiece
  11. Uriah Heep: Lady In Black
  12. Freedom: Through The Years
  13. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Midnight Moses
  14. Magna Carta: Lord Of The Ages
  1. Atlantis: Living At The End Of Time
  2. Ramases: Life Child
  3. Beggars Opera: McArthur Park
  4. Nucleus: Song For The Bearded Lady
  5. Gentle Giant: Pantagruel’s Nativity
  6. Gravy Train: (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man
  7. Ronno: Powers Of Darkness
  8. Status Quo: Paper Plane
  9. Ian Matthews: Little Known
  10. Vangelis O. Papathanassiou: Let It Happen
  11. Jade Warrior: Mwenga Sketch
  12. Aphrodite’s Child: The Four Horsemen
  13. Black Sabbath: Spiral Architect

From the CD booklet:
Tudor Lodge were a whimsical folk rock act from Reading who took their name from a pub in the Reading area. Comprising American [sic] Lyndon Green on vocals and guitar, Ann Stewart [sic] on guitar, piano, flute and vocals and John Stannard on guitar [sic]. Tudor Lodge recorded only one album in their brief lifetime, but became a popular attraction on the UK folk circuit. They came to the attention of Vertigo in 1970 and secured a contract soon after. With the release of their eponymous album, Tudor Lodge were brought to the attention of a wider public, consolidated still further by their performance at the 1971 Cambridge Folk Festival. Unfortunately, lack of wider commercial success led to the group disbanding in the winter of 1971, leaving their Vertigo album (together with the single taken thereof) as their only legacy. 

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