Tudor Lodge Title
Tudor Lodge Title

Let’s Talk
(Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 010)
Let’s Talk
  1. Let’s Talk (Stannard/Whiteland)
  2. Better All The Time (Whiteland)
  3. Tell Me (Whiteland)
  4. Never Learn (Whiteland)
  5. Wouldn’t It Be Funny (Whiteland)
  6. Without You (Stannard)
  7. Don’t Write Me Mama (Stannard)
  8. Ballad Of Mark William Norman (Stannard/Whiteland)
  1. (I Know) It’ll Be Here Tomorrow (Stannard/Whiteland)
  2. Mother Germany (Whiteland)
  3. Happy Lady (Stannard)
  4. Maybe It’s Just Love (Mike Silver)
  5. It’s A Little Bit Harder Now (Stannard)
  6. Too Much Too Soon (Whiteland)
  7. In My Life (Lennon/McCartney)

Twenty six years after their memorable classic Vertigo LP of the 70’s, comes this second album of songs from the new Tudor Lodge. The delicate blend of the two guitars, a trademark of the first album, is still there in many of the arrangements, but the music has moved on.

Eight of these tracks were recorded in the mid 80’s when Tudor Lodge was John, Lynne and Lyndon (tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 15). The sessions were produced by Paul Windsor, a friend and local musician, who also played bass on some of the tracks. They were supported by Chris Collingtree and Roger Keene adding drums and percussion to selected tracks.

The remaining songs were recorded by Lynne and John in the autumn of 1996. On these sessions they played all the instruments.

Let’s Talk The title track. Like the other two co-written songs on this collection, the lyrics are mainly John’s, and the music mainly Lynne’s. All three were written during 1996. 
Guitars: John & Lynne. Bass: John.
Better All The Time Written by Lynne in 1980 in the early hours of the morning, full of romantic anticipation, whilst waiting to move to Germany to start a new life. 
Guitars: Lynne & Lyndon. Acoustic bass: John. Drums: Chris Collingtree.
Tell Me Back from Germany in 1982, this song pondered the possibility of a new romance. 
Guitars: John & Lyndon. Lead guitar: Lyndon. Bass: Paul Windsor.
Never Learn A later reflection on the Germany period. 
Acoustic guitars: Lynne & John. Electric guitar: John. Bass: John.
Wouldn’t It Be Funny Looking at the light side of a bad patch. 
Acoustic guitars: Lynne & John. Electric guitar: John. Bass: John.
Without You Written by John, more as an exercise than a response to inspiration. 
Guitars: Lyndon, Lynne & John. Lead guitar: Lyndon. Bass: Paul. Drums: Chris.
Don’t Write Me Mama John wrote this around 1968 and it was one of the first songs Lyndon and John learned on teaming up. 
Guitars: Lyndon & John. Jew’s harp/jug/harmonica: Roger.
Ballad Of Mark William Norman Based on the true story of a boy who, born on the Isle of Wight in the mid 1820s, moved to London to be with his parents when very young, and who’s father kicked him out when his mother died. He took him to the Elephant and Castle in London, pointed down the road in the direction of the Isle of Wight, and left him... 
Guitars: Lynne & John. Bass and keyboard: John.
(I Know) It’ll Be Here Tomorrow Dick James once remarked on the unfailing faith in the future maintained by musicians who, year after year after year, continue to believe that the big time is just around the corner... 
Guitars: Lynne & John. Bass: John.
Mother Germany The lyrics clearly reflect Lynne’s German period but were actually written two years later to replace the words of an earlier song, having decided that the words were crap but the music was worth preserving. 
Guitars: Lyndon & Lynne. Acoustic bass: John.
Happy Lady Somewhat obscurely, this was John’s celebration of his first born son. 
Guitars: John & Lyndon. Lead guitar: Lyndon. Bass: Paul.
Maybe It’s Just Love Tudor Lodge have been admirers of Mike Silver’s work since first meeting him in 1970. This is an excellent example of his writing skill. 
Guitars: Lyndon & John. Bass: Paul.
It’s A Little Bit Harder Now Influence hard to pinpoint, but the appearance of the song loosely coincides with the subscription to Country Music Television. 
Guitars: John & Lynne. Bass, electric guitar, harmonica: John.
Too Much Too Soon Lynne’s writing resulting from the over-passionate beginnings of a fizzled-out affair. 
Guitars: Lynne & John. Lead guitar: John.
In My Life Written for the group by Lennon and McCartney — and a lot of fun to work out. 
Guitars: Lyndon & Lynne. Bass: John.

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