Tudor Lodge Title
Tudor Lodge Title

(Cast Iron Records CIRCD001-E)
(Avalon MICY-1136)
Dream: the English cover Dream: the Japanese cover
  1. I Still Can Dream (Lynne)
  2. What I’m Feeling (Lynne)
  3. Never Be Sure (John/Lynne)
  4. Sea Horses Dance (Lynne)
  5. Are You Thinking Of Me Now (Lynne)
  6. Angel (Lynne)
  7. Ghost In My Heart
    (Barbara Pitkin/Lynne)
  1. We’ll Be Alright (Lynne)
  2. Circle (John)
  3. Down To The Sea (Lynne)
  4. Summer Brings The Snow (Lynne)
  5. Home To Stay (Lynne)
  6. Africa (John)
  7. “L” Is For Lonely (Lynne)
  8. Think Of Me (Lynne)
Bonus tracks on the Japanese version in place of Home To Stay:
Cry On My Shoulder (Lynne)
I Still Wait (Steve Knightly)

A Review

Tudor Lodge — Dream. Tudor Lodge, originally formed in 1968, was/is a much loved and highly appreciated folk-rock group that has managed to keep its vitality and freshness throughout the passing years. Folk-rock was the creative mix of England’s vast folk musical tradition and rock’s brilliant verve. Tudor Lodge’s homonymous first album has become one of Vertigo label’s most sought after albums. It was a magnificent mixture of Celtic magic and 60’s atmospheric, delicate fluidity and elegant lyrics. This release was followed by a mid-eighties one, “Lets Talk”, and “It All Comes Back”, a worthy collection that spans the 1970 – 1997 interval and features some previously unissued recordings. “Dream” is their latest melodic offering. Recently released, it is brilliant folk-rock album full of excitement, beauty and haunting melodies. Unlike the recent re-union rush of old groups that have managed to spend their money and are trying to capitalise on their glorious past, Tudor Lodge are still true to themselves and their calling. Their album is not a regurgitation of the past but a creative evolution wrapped in melodious sweetness and flowing harmonies. Amazingly delicious.
Casa Gazette, Summer 2000

I Still Can Dream Funny how it’s the things you can’t have that you want the most. An example of Lynne’s observations of life being turned into music...
Acoustic guitars: Lynne & John. Bass and harmonica: John.
What I’m Feeling ...and the problem with loving the wrong person is that you have to keep so much of it to yourself. Although this is Lynne’s song, John contributed to the middle section.
Acoustic guitars: Lynne and John. Keyboard: John Mitchell. Triangle arrangement(!) by John and performed by John Mitchell! Too difficult!!
Never Be Sure This song by John is pure fantasy. Life just isn’t like a fairy tale no matter how much we wish it was.
Acoustic guitars: Lynne and John. Bass: John.
Sea Horses Dance Lynne actually wrote the words to this song sitting on a ‘rock by the sea’ at Beachy Head. It combines the two running themes of the album: the sea and love which never quite made it.
Acoustic guitars: Lynne and John. Background seagulls just passing!
Are You Thinking Of Me Now ...and while you’re busy keeping your feelings to yourself, you’re left wondering about the feelings of others!
Acoustic guitars: Lynne and John. Bass: John. Electric guitar: John Mitchell
Angel This song was in recognition of the importance of someone, and to try and say ‘sorry’.
Acoustic guitars: Lynne and John.
Ghost In My Heart These lyrics were written some years ago by Lynne’s school friend, Barbara Pitkin. Lynne presented the finished song to Barbara on her 40th birthday as a surprise birthday gift.
Acoustic guitars: Lynne & John. Bass: John.
We’ll Be Alright No matter how hard things get there’s always hope! This song shows Lynne’s optimistic streak.
Acoustic guitars: Lynne & John. Bass: John.
Circle Well — the verses were written in 1971, but the song was never finished! With the aid of the porta-studio John finally finished it! At least he managed to complete it within the millennium!!
Acoustic guitars: Lynne & John. Bass: John.
Down To The Sea Back to the sea again! This is a ‘who gives a damn’ song!
Acoustic guitars: John & Lynne. Electric guitars: John & John Mitchell. Bass: John.
Summer Brings The Snow ...just when you thought everything was OK, it all goes wrong again! Song written by Lynne but much of the arrangement by John — what a team!
Acoustic guitars: John & Lynne. Bass: John
Home To Stay Lynne wrote this song about a person so wrapped up in a fantasy love, she completely loses touch with reality.
Guitars: John & Lynne. Bass: John.
Africa This was inspired by a holiday Lynne and John shared in Zimbabwe. Not so much an opinion as a single snapshot view. Experimenting with the vocals was great fun.
Acoustic guitars: John & Lynne. Bass: John.
“L” Is For Lonely ...inevitably alone again. This is a perfect showcase for Lynne who performs alone. John’s bass stayed in the case, John in the pub! OK — he snuck back later to add the keyboard part when Lynne wasn’t looking!
Acoustic guitar: Lynne. Keyboard: John.
Think Of Me ...a simple and haunting song to capture the heartache of the end of a relationship. Yet still that tiny ray of hope that maybe...
Acoustic guitars: John & Lynne. Bass: John.
Cry On My Shoulder A back and forth cross-talk between John and Lynne which says a lot about their relationship — with each other, that is.
Acoustic guitars: John & Lynne.
I Still Wait It seems every woman in the land is in love with Steve Knightly, but that has absolutely nothing to do with why Lynne chose to sing this song of his about waiting... and hoping... and waiting... and hoping... (it might have helped if they’d actually met)
Acoustic guitars: John & Lynne.

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