Tudor Lodge Title
Tudor Lodge Title

Still Dizzy After All These Years
Still Dizzy After All These Years

CD One
CD Two
  1. Black Sabbath: Paranoid
  2. Phil Lynott: Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
  3. Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Delilah
  4. Streetwalkers: Crawfish
  5. City Boy: 5-7-0-5
  6. Fairfield Parlour: In My Box
  7. May Blitz: I Don’t Know
  8. Graham Parker: Hey Lord, Don’t Ask Me Questions
  9. Clear Blue Sky: My Heaven
  10. Jade Warrior: Mwenga Sketch
  11. Gentle Giant: A Cry For Everyone
  12. The Spencer Davis Group: Catch You On The Rebop
  13. Beggars Opera: Get Your Dog Off Me
  14. Nucleus: Torrid Zone
  15. Bob Downes: No Time Like The Present
  1. Colosseum: Those About To Die
  2. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Joybringer
  3. Rod Stewart: It’s All Over Now
  4. Affinity: Mr Joy
  5. Status Quo: Paper Plane
  6. Uriah Heep: Dreammare
  7. Cressida: To Play Your Little Games
  8. Jimmy Campbell: Half Baked
  9. Tudor Lodge: The Lady’s Changing Home
  10. Atlantis: Living At The End Of Time
  11. Aphrodite’s Child: The Four Horsemen
  12. Patto: Warm Red Glow
  13. Magna Carta: Time For The Leaving
  14. Juicy Lucy: Who Do You Love?

From the CD booklet:
This obscure (and highly collectable) folk trio fronted by American vocalist/flautist Ann Stewart [sic] sounded somewhat like such contemporary acts as Pentangle and Magna Carta. Taking their name from a boarding house in Sussex, they enjoyed popularity on the folk club circuit, their most memorable appearance being at the 1971 Cambridge Folk Festival where an enthusiastic critic proclaimed them ‘Band Of The Day’. Sadly, this acclaim did not result in increased record sales for their one and only LP, which emerged in 1971.

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