Tudor Lodge Title
Tudor Lodge Title

 LP: “Tudor Lodge” (self-titled) — UK/Vertigo 6360043.
Original material except for one song written by Ralph McTell.

Reissued in 1988 by UK/Zap (ZAP4). Two bootlegs were also issued by unknown companies, one featuring the full gatefold cover.

In 1990 issued very briefly on CD in Germany by Repertoire Records (RR 4064-CX); also issued on vinyl the same year by Repertoire Records (RR2064-LX).

In 1996 issued on vinyl by Korea/Si Wan (SRML0028). Currently still available on CD: Korea/Si-Wan (SRMC0028).

Released in Japan in 1997 by Belle Antique using the Korean product with an additional insert in Japanese (MAR 97361).

Re-released in Japan in 2000, in the “British Rock Legend Series” by Universal International (UICY-9030). The fold-out sleeve and the original inner sleeve have been faithfully reproduced, and the CD label is an exact copy (except for the record number) of the original label on the initial vinyl release. A folded sheet, with notes in Japanese and the song lyrics in English, is inserted.

Released on vinyl in Italy in 2005 by Comet Records on the Akarma label (AK 320).

CD re-released in Germany by Repertoire (REPUK1046) in a limited edition of 2500 copies in 2006.

Released on vinyl in Japan in 2007 by Universal Music Japan (UIJY-9042) on super quiet Japanese vinyl, as a limited 200gm pressing.

Re-released on CD in Germany by Repertoire (REPUK1110) on 18 February 2008. Liner notes by Chris Welch.

Re-released in Japan in 2008 in the “British Rock Legend Series” — this time an SHM-CD (UICY 93824). The packaging is identical to the 2000 release above.

Re-released in Japan in 2010 in a new series: “Back to the Rock Years 1968-1972” — also an SHM-CD (UICY 20145). The CD is packaged in a jewel case with all the artwork reproduced on the insert. The back sheet has small versions of the three main pictures with the track listing printed below. There is also a folded sheet with English lyrics, and notes and lyrics in Japanese.

Re-released in July 2011 in a remastered version by Esoteric Recordings (ECLEC2285). This reissue includes a bonus track, the B-side of the single — “The Good Times We Had.”

Single: “The Lady’s Changing Home” b/w “The Good Times We Had” — UK/Vertigo 6059044.
LP: “Heads Together, First Round” — UK/Vertigo 6360045.
Compilation album featuring Tudor Lodge and other Vertigo artists: Jade Warrior, Sunbird, Jimmy Campbell, Magna Carta, Martin Carthy, Nirvana, John Dummer’s Famous Music Band, Assagai, Daddy Longlegs, Clear Blue Sky, Pete Atkin, Legend and Lassoo. One song only: side 2, track 3, “Willow Tree,” album version.
CD: “Let’s Talk” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 010.
Mainly original material. 8 tracks recorded by John, Lynne and Lyndon in the mid 1980s, and a further 7 titles recorded by John and Lynne at the end of 1996.
CD: “It All Comes Back” — US/Scenescof SCOFCD 1005.
A collection of archive material. Demos with Linda Peters (who later became Linda Thompson), John Stannard solo demos (including Tudor Lodge members and other friends) and newly recorded songs including a re-recording of the first track from the Vertigo LP, “It All Comes Back To Me.” The Vertigo single B-side, “The Good Times We Had,” is also featured for the first time on an album.
Released in Japan in June 1998 by Belle Antique using the American product with an additional insert in Japanese (MAR 98446)
CD: “Still Dizzy After All These Years” — UK/Vertigo 555-202-2.
A 2-CD Vertigo compilation, featuring Black Sabbath, Colosseum, Juicy Lucy, Rod Stewart, Magna Carta and many others. One song: disc 2, track 9, “The Lady’s Changing Home.”
CD: “Dream” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD001-E. Japan/Avalon MICY-1136.
The third Tudor Lodge studio album.
CD: “Runaway” — Japan/Belle Antique BELLE 03809.
The fourth Tudor Lodge studio album.
CD: “Time Machine: a Vertigo Retrospective” — UK/Vertigo 9827982.
A 3-CD Vertigo compilation, with a 48-page booklet with biogs, rare photographs and exclusive interviews. Featuring Aphrodites Child, Black Sabbath, Colosseum, Gentle Giant, Jade Warrior, Vangelis and many others. One song: disc 2, track 7, “The Lady’s Changing Home.”
CD: “Avalon” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 016.
A collection of the more spiritual tracks taken from previous Tudor Lodge albums. The exception is track 9, “Soul Song,” which appears for the first time on this CD.
CD: “Unconditional” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 017.
The fifth Tudor Lodge studio album.
CD: “Stay” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 023.
The sixth Tudor Lodge studio album.
CD: “Tudor Lodge at Christmas” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 026.
A 4-track EP.
CD: “SPACES” — UK/Cast Iron Recordings CIRCD 027.
The seventh Tudor Lodge studio album.

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